Are you looking to improve your complexion but feel your skin regime has plateaued? Great news! We have an innovative product that could be the missing piece of your beauty regiment.

Celazome Gly-Repair Cream is a must to reach for, if you want to fight the signs of aging, sun damage, pigmentation, or just need a boost towards fresher, younger skin. It is an intense treatment for fighting the visible signs of aging by stimulating pro-collagen, texture, and the overall health of your skin and all while you sleep! Containing 10% glycolic acid, 3% lactic acid, 0.05% salicylic acid, and 3% malic acid, we recommend using this highly effective repair cream 3-4 days a week and combining it with our restorative hydrating cream to help balance moisture levels, and improve skin clarity while revitalizing your skin. The ultimate duo!


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