Make your spa treatment last even longer with a range of at-home collections.


Collections Used in Our Own Medical Spa Treatments

The Arts Boutique features the same premium products we use in our own medical spa treatments, so you can continue achieving your beauty and skin care goals at home. Each collection is uniquely chosen to meet our clients’ individual needs and are designed to work in junction with your in-clinic spa treatments. This means better results that last noticeably longer. Whether you’re looking for smoother, healthier skin or cosmetics that fit into your daily skin care regimen, we have something for everyone. At the Arts Boutique, we offer three professional skin care lines (Celazome, glo therapeutics, and Tizo 3) as well as the popular glo minerals makeup collection.

glo minerals

Makeup that does more than just cover up

Glo minerals is a clinically advanced mineral makeup collection with award-winning formulations that cover, correct, and protect. Designed specially for skin care professionals and their clients, the products provide superior coverage with UV protection.

All glo minerals products are non-comedogenic and contain minerals instead of talc—talcum powder is a commonly used bulking agent in cosmetics that can clog pores, accentuate wrinkles, and exacerbate existing skin conditions. Unlike traditional makeup products that cover the skin like a lid, glo minerals allows skin to breathe and function normally.


Clinical skin care

Celazome is an advanced skin care line that has been clinically proven to help with anti-aging and acne for a wide range of skin types. There are several different lines within the collection, each designed to address and treat a specific area of concern.

Each line includes several different products that work in conjunction with each other to hydrate, repair, protect, and improve skin health on the face and body. Depending on what line you choose, Celazome covers virtually everything, including acne and excess sebum production, wrinkle reduction, skin tightening and firming, eye care, sun protection, and even topical tanning.

glo therapeutics

Personalized Skin Care for Superior Results

The glo therapeutics collection is formulated to deliver potent concentrations of active ingredients in order to achieve more targeted skin care solutions. The range of products enables you to build a customized regimen that’s based on your individual skin type and easy to follow at home.

Glo therapeutics can treat sensitivity and redness, dry skin, combination skin, oily skin, anti-aging skin care, uneven skin texture, hyperpigmentation, acne, and breakouts.


A new age of sun protection

TiZO3 is not your average sunscreen. It’s a tinted mineral sunscreen for the face that provides optimal SPF40, broad-spectrum sun protection while leaving a silky, matte finish. The ingredients have been proven to help prevent wrinkles, premature skin aging, and loss of firmness caused by UV damage. It can also easily be worn under makeup to further refine the look of the skin.

TiZO3 is free of preservatives, oils, and fragrances, so it won’t irritate skin. In fact, it’s safe for all skin types and gentle enough to use after aesthetic procedures like microdermabrasion, laser treatments, and chemical peels. It is also water resistant for up to 80 minutes.


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